Watching the sky in the Land of the long white cloud

Watching the sky in the Land of the long white cloud

Monday, December 29, 2008

Now thats what Im talking about.....

Australian politician alludes to UFO reality....

In keeping with the theme of UFO reality being a question of political motivation rather than scientific investigation, this story popped up on

"Australian’s are seeing strange things in the skies and sometimes on the ground, from Melbourne to Mullumbimby, from Budgewoi to Bundaberg. UFO sightings have never been more frequent, yet politicians are keeping mysteriously quiet on the topic. "......  Michael Cohen-

check out the rest here

We all know there is something "weird"going on across the ditch re UFO's and I reckon this story represents interesting timing, considering the new very  unpopular Internet censorship policies of the Australian Gov.
(Singing the same song as the Chinese, British,US and Canada)

At least Malcom Turnball has something to say about the topic...The silence is deafening from the other political Bozos.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Housekeeping.....and Thanks...

On a technical note, this blog needs some work to make it easier to access stuff , I'm just so busy with other things at the moment that I'm just chucking stuff in here and hoping ill get around to it later.........

and of course I love that can present some bandwidth issues with too many posts on a page, but I hoping to get all that sorted and thinking of some different avenues for 09.

Thanks to everyone who's popped in and especially those who keep visiting (Despite the all over the place nature)

have a safe New year and hope of an insightful 2009.....


650 video favourites on important topics........."Its All Good"

Just thought I would mention my youtube channel favourites is now on the sidebar for easy perusal.

Contains approx 650 videos(The Limit) and as we say in this neck of the woods ,  "It's All Good " !

Just remember, I'm presenting this stuff cause I find it fascinating, It doesn't mean you have to believe it, watch and make up your own mind.....and most of all, ask your own questions....

Most of anything decent regarding UFO's is in there....


Saturday, December 27, 2008

I always love astronaunt stories.....

From 1973- Skylab gets a visit from an 800 foot long object....

A Bill Ryan Interview last year following up on the serpo saga....

I first caught up on the serpo story in a Mysterious universe podcast in 06. I was intrigued , but put off  after reading  around and finding  the general consensus  was "disinformation".

I took about a 2 min look at the site and found a bit of a mix of things id heard before, I bookmarked it and pretty much forgot about it.

until yesterday.......

Id forgotten how this stuff "pulls you in",  your left wanting more and more.... (never a good sign)

It may be disinformation - but that doesn't stop it being one heck of a good read !
  Hmmmm drool.....

(I guess it's the appeal of trying to figure out the truthful bits !)

but as Bill Ryan points out in this interview, you shouldn't get too caught up in it all, cause there are plenty of other things afoot.

Like stephenville !

 and the questions Ryan poses.......

Part 2

 If youvé never checked  out serpo,  you might as well go and get it out of your system here.

Just remember what your reading..... and have fun !

Monday, December 22, 2008

Phat Ufo Beats....!

Drum n Bass crew Photek, with an old track that samples recordings( The Halt Tape) made at the Rendlsham forest UFO  incident in 1980 England- witnessed by US military.

I'm LOVING IT!  UFO's and Electronica in one post...

AND into some trance.....

Finishing with

some Kiwi Drum n Bass.......Shapeshifter

New Day Come...

Even if your not into this sort of music, give the lyrics at leaste
one listen.....

Theres a great message in there for us.....

Daylight ufo sighting....

Looks like something I saw once from the uforoadtrip guys...?

Thanks to youtube Guru  Avimoas 

Gone ufos......but some cool looking clouds...

Sunday, December 21, 2008 piece on Miles O'brien and UFO's....

I guess Billy Cox (  nails it with "If CNN wanted to perform a public service, it wouldn’t have to dig back half a century. It could simply focus on the Stephenville, Tex., incident from January, where radar analysis by MUFON investigators caught the Air Force with its pants down in its inability to prevent a UFO from violating restricted airspace at President Bush’s Crawford ranch "

So very True

Ok so maybe he wasn't "fired", thats just their game ?

Miles O'brien....Fired from CNN because of Possible fossil on Mars ? or his UFO stories.....

Was it this....

Or.... This

Or maybe this...

Apparently Richard Hoagland believes it's the Mars fossil story... but Ive only seen one reference to this, so I don't know if he does make that connection.

 Maybe they didn't like the pace and direction their Science corespondent was taking !

Nice while it lasted.... !

The phoenix lights examined using the PPP photographic technique...

From UFO Digest

For the last ten years I have worked on several UFO projects that have mystified the World, one is the Phoenix Lights. The break through came early in 2008 when PPP-PENETRATING PHOTOGRAPHIC PROCESS was used to establish the true identity of what was behind the lights that appeared over Phoenix Arizona on March 13 1997.......

 Read the rest here at UFODigest 

I think this is only the second PPP UFO anlyisis Ivé come across on the net , Heres a post about the other one...


Secret British Underground Alien Bases Interview 2

This turned up in my inbox this morning....(Thanks Truthseeker666). I hadn't heard of Barry King before, but of course he was known to British Investigators such as Nick Redfern- you can get the low down on Barry- Here at UFOMystic.

Controversial !  But informitive !

Im off to see what else I can find out about him....Not sure where interview 1 is ....

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Evidence of Orbs photographed in Makatu Nz....?

After doing a fair bit of reading regarding the subject of Orbs, I have come to the conclusion that the Images photographed by me on the side of my blog, are genuine Orb Anomalys.

Having been a serious amature photographer for more than 25 years and sometimes taking up to a 1000 frames or more a week (Many at night), these orb images were a genuine mystery to me and still are. This is the first time I have encountered them with this camera(or any of my SLR's -film and digital) in 1000's of shots.

I don't believe they are examples of digital artifacts that can be produced by many of today's pocket digital cameras, those are the result of increased depth of field because of the compact nature of these cameras and close proximity of the flash unit to the lens and dust particles floating in the air.

The digital camera I used is an SLR(Nikon D80 18-135mm) and was used with a lens hood and the flash disengaged- (sensitivity ISO -1200-1600) exposures about 1.0s -There was some ambient light from the sky and my car headlights (pointing away from the lens and the area where the orbs appeared)

I felt "compelled" to stop ahead of an intersection on top of a hill to take pictures  for reasons other than aesthetic beauty. I had been surfing all afternoon and was pretty tired and thinking I couldn't be bothered setting up the camera, but luckily I did....

This occurred at Makatu in the North island of NZ on the way home from the beach one night a couple of months ago.

I keep my lenses in excellent condition and always  check their clean before taking any Images. The focus range was set for about 25 meters away and with an aperture of between f5-f5.6 this results  in a shallow depth of field at that focal point distance.

All of these factors seem to go Against the theory of it being a digital camera artifact, as these "false positive Orbs" need an extended depth of field within a few meters of the cameras lens to "appear".

I have yet to reproduce these orbs in my experimenting.

Some conclusions from a site that explores the Science of Orb Photos(Mark Kimura, Ph.D) seems to support my pictures not being artifacts.

His Conclusions about Orbs as follows:

"In order for an orb photo to be classified as potentially paranormal, it needs to meet the following criteria:

1) A film SLR camera with a lens hood is used -(or Digital SLR with lens hood ?)
2) No flash is used- I did not use a flash.
3) There are no circular patterns inside the orb. (I need to post some close ups)

I believe that conclusion would lend weight to "my"orbs being of a paranormal nature,  given the camera and method used to capture them. (without a flash it is hard to understand how these might " appear" in a darken portion of a photo)

Interestingly, Makatu is within a region considered somewhat of a UFO "hot spot"in New Zealand
(I'm not inferring their UFO's)

For me, these pictures  remain an unsolved photographic anomaly and has inspired me to look deeper into this phenomenon

So Much to Learn......!

Monday, December 15, 2008

UFO disclosure and the Obama administration...

Richard Dolan- "Obama is not as much of an outsider as he's been portrayed, and it's possible he's already been briefed about the UFO situation,  Not all presidents are briefed equally on the UFO issue, Clinton was rumored to have said "I know it's real but they won't tell me a damn thing."

UFO Disclosure And Disinformation
Coast to Coast

Note- It takes a while before  it gets into the Richard Dolan stuff.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

UFO over Barrack Obama Speech in Hendersoon Nevada Nov. 1, 2008

 Well, he did say "There may be...Ahh...some other folks  on the way" ? (last 5 seconds of the debate with Kucinich when asked The Aliens question"

That pronouncement in the following clip. 

The body language is interesting- We need some reverse speech analysis also !

CNN on John Podesta- Obama Tranistion team and UFO disclosure....

CNN slowly feeding it out...Keep watching this space...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Jim Marrs on Remote viewing and UFO's and ET's and the role of some Corporations.......

UFOs, Aliens and Remote Viewing

Hmmm, this reminds me that I wanted to follow up on some stuff I read a few months ago about some remote viewing Tibetan monks and their statement that there would be an ET Intervention because of a Nuclear Exchange between the major powers in 2012....

There is no doubt in my mind that remote viewing is a legitimate practice and even the Non locality inherent in the fabric of reality(proven by bells experiments) seems to support this, (Along with certain Interpretations of Quantum physics, Rupert Sheldrakes Morphic resonance and Bohm's concept of Implicate/explicate order.)

As for the Monks claim, that remains to be seen....... Sounds like one hell of a final show !

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Conspiracy theroy..... Conspiracy Fact.- Ian Crane

Id bet the same bunch are behind the suppression of even more fundamental Truths....