Watching the sky in the Land of the long white cloud

Watching the sky in the Land of the long white cloud

Friday, October 31, 2008

Dr Roger Leir in NZ

I know some people have difficulty excepting information related to the abduction phenomenon, but I must say, I find Dr Leir's work both Astounding and Compelling!

I had the opportunity to listen to him speak at a conference in Rotorua last year and the findings he presented were some of the most concrete evidence ever demonstrated in this field.

Here is a TVNZ Closeup piece from his visit last year,

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Nice little Mars anomaly video...Featuring Tom Charles Van Flandern

Part 2

One of the strangest looking UFOs ever, filmed in Israel

Weird !

Texas UFOS in action again....

From CNN

Friday, October 24, 2008

Michio Kaku Alien life Top Secret UFO coast to coast

History Channel UFO Hunters - 107 Reverse Engineering

A little UFOTV piece on area 51

The people of Iceland need global citizen support....

Gordon Brown unjustifiably used the Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act of 2001 against the people of Iceland for his own short-term political gain. This has turned a grave situation into a national disaster, affecting families in both Iceland and the United Kingdom.


You can show your support for them by visiting their website and signing their petition and forwarding their website to others.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

BBC october 14th UFO update.....

I must admit this one has me really Intrigued.....

Is it a BBC October 14Th hoax ?  
Is it part of a wider UFO Dis info  meme ?
Is it part of a progressive disclosure project ?
Is it a Bird ?
Is it a plane ?
Is it a Blue beam shakedown run ? (I'm kidding....I think..)

In case you found it hard to spot in my earlier post, Ive made a couple of slow mo versions.

(Also an ATS member has pointed out that you can see a shadow cross one of the buildings in the top left of the screen)

I have not been able to find any better quality video yet..... so this  is all I have at the moment.

25% of normal speed

5% of normal speed


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Huhhh....... ?

"Theres going to be a crisis which will come along on the 21st, 22nd of January which we don't even know about right now!"

Colin Powell

and Joe Biden talked aboutl this.....?

Makes  me wonder about that secret congressional meeting a while back.......

British MOD ufo files on Nightline in the US (via Disclosetv)

Timothy Good on Nightline on official disclosure

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pentagon Ufo's by William Lyne (PDF)

Discription Author -Unknown       

Is the electrodynamic technology William Lyne calls "Electropulsion" ; real ? His book, "Occult Ether Physics", is a (non-fiction) re-discovery of what he believes to be the scientific/technical basis for a space-propulsion system invented in the late 19th century by Nikola Tesla, now used in the secret, exclusively man-made flying machines known as "flying saucers" or "UFOs". The government conceals this invention behind false scientific theories, "space alien" hoaxes, and false propaganda, disseminated through a controlled mass media. A "UFOlogy", "new-age", "paranormalist" , and "pseudo-debunker&quo t; network is criminally maintained under "national security laws", to blur the facts of reality and disjoint inquiry, thus protecting the archaic technology and resources of coercive-monopolist, corporate-state interests from the competition of a truly free market

File Link Here

(I might add that I think the above scenario  is only part of a bigger picture, IE some UFOs are of Alien/Inter dimensional origin. Anyway it sounds like it might be an interesting read !

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


These are the people who really control the UFO/ET truth embargo on this planet.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

October 14 ufo in BBC Financial clip ?

From Youtube User Atser2008

(No I'm not talking about a mothership, but still interesting !)

What do you think...... ?

If it is an ET ship...I like their style.... Slide right through the London financial district giving the intergalactic "bird" to corrupt Bankers and Corporations.

If I am grasping the notion correctly, I'm thinking this would exemplify what Alfred Webre describes as the context communication theory of UFO sightings.

Unfortunately because of the transfer process used(filming off the screen) it makes examining this video a little tricky, I'm going to see if I can find a better version and of course to scourer for any Oct 14 "sightings"

Cropcircles-Take your brain to another Dimension....

Monday, October 13, 2008

NAZI UFO's.......


Ufo spotted in old WWII film footage......

Watch the last 5 seconds or so carefully.......

Im not sure why they would call it first contact considering all this.....

First contact discussed in an old UFO documentary

Will Aliens make themselves Known ?

John Lennons UFO sighting....In his own words.

Beautiful Telescope footage of the Moon

I think I need a serious upgrade in the optical department after watching this short promo of FAST-  John Lenard Watson's High Res Telescope footage of the Moon. 

I'm still checking out my little video. I'm trying to match it up with known crater formations
Aristarchus ? (probably the only crater that could account for the level of luminosity) But the size and positioning don't seem right ? (Help anyone....)

Anyways....  Here is the promo for Far Above Space And Time

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Federation of Light on final approach....?

I caught a strange anomaly last night while I was filming the Moon, I was using a Sony HDD cam with 25x optical and 2000x digital zoom. I recorded about 10 minuets of it before I lost sight of it.
This was on the 11th of October 2008 at about 7.30 pm(shot from north Is, New Zealand)

I'm wondering if anybody else saw or filmed it in NZ ? (I couldn't see it with just my eyes)

Unfortunately I didn't have time to set up my 1500mm refraction scope for a better look, I'm at a loss to explain what I was seeing and I'm keen to hear some other opinions.

Here is a short clip of what I saw.

Look at the bottom edge of the Moon....

Friday, October 10, 2008

UFO over Tepic Nayarit Mexico City May 11, 2008

The following video is completely in Spanish with no subtitles, but I think you'll agree, the Images transcend any language barriers.(The next time you here a UFO Denier talking about all UFO photos being blured and fuzzy blobs, slap them around the gills with these stunning examples !)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Maybe well get a visit from one of these......

I had heard rumours about some strange goings on around Saturn on Coast to Coast last year, but hadn't really followed it up. Then this morning while I was thinking about the whole October the 14th thing whilst searching for something else, I stumbled upon an interesting post from May last year on ATS.

This photo, allegedly from the Hubble Telescope, is taken in Infrared and shows the rings around Saturn and a Large cylindrical object.

Then there are the images from a french newspaper that are allegedly from the Cassini probe
of the rings of Saturn and "Friends"

Then again if what we are seeing is genuine, these "crafts" are Mind bogglingly Enormous and
probably a little on the large side for a Mass first Contact with a nervous but hopeful humanity. I'm sure they wouldn't want to spook everybody.

Maybe we shouldn't assume their "craft" are "technologies" at all, They may not even be of a fundamentally materialistic nature, It could be a "globe of energies" of many different frequencies from higher dimensions and consciousness manifested in our space-time.
(From Higher dimensions outside of time,whatever that may actually turn out to be, asuming it exists at all ? )

Who knows ?

But not long to wait....til we all know for sure.

Will we get a visit 14th October.........? maybe , maybe not

Wil we get a visit One Day......... Absolutely !

Monday, October 6, 2008

Martin Luther King sums up my hopes for an October the 14th Galactic Surprise !

"I have a dream, It is a dream deepely rooted in the American dream, One Day, right there in Alabama.....  

Maybe he really was talking about more than racial freedom !  We should all hope that we can be,

 Free at last, Free at last !

(If none of this makes any sense or you've been living in a cave, I'm talking about THIS)

The world is not asking for an Alien "Bailout" by hoping for The arrival of the Galactic Federation. It is collectively expressing the shared hope to be awakened  to our true reality, so that we can break free of the negative "consensus reality" that has bound us for so long and save ourselves.

I for one, am not going to dismiss this, even if nothing happens on the 14th.... for the simple fact that I believe we can not get out of the Mess that we have created by ourselves.  If there was anytime in history for an intergalactic Intervention, IT IS NOW !

If we can  awaken, we will become strong.

May we all live in peace and true freedom soon.



Sunday, October 5, 2008

Very Interesting reading....

Ian Brockwell writes...

On September 10, 2008, Christine Dickey took a photograph during a thunderstorm that not only captured the presence of a UFO, but on further investigation revealed what appears to be the existence of many different types of aliens........

The  article Explores a new photographic process for examining UFO Images.(PPP - Penetrating Photographic Process)( haven't found any other info about this yet)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008