Watching the sky in the Land of the long white cloud

Watching the sky in the Land of the long white cloud

Monday, October 6, 2008

Martin Luther King sums up my hopes for an October the 14th Galactic Surprise !

"I have a dream, It is a dream deepely rooted in the American dream, One Day, right there in Alabama.....  

Maybe he really was talking about more than racial freedom !  We should all hope that we can be,

 Free at last, Free at last !

(If none of this makes any sense or you've been living in a cave, I'm talking about THIS)

The world is not asking for an Alien "Bailout" by hoping for The arrival of the Galactic Federation. It is collectively expressing the shared hope to be awakened  to our true reality, so that we can break free of the negative "consensus reality" that has bound us for so long and save ourselves.

I for one, am not going to dismiss this, even if nothing happens on the 14th.... for the simple fact that I believe we can not get out of the Mess that we have created by ourselves.  If there was anytime in history for an intergalactic Intervention, IT IS NOW !

If we can  awaken, we will become strong.

May we all live in peace and true freedom soon.



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