Watching the sky in the Land of the long white cloud

Watching the sky in the Land of the long white cloud

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Windturbine ufo damage results in....and a Wacky Psyop Doco...Lol

The Louthleader Headline " ET is Innocent" 

Hm mm, well Nick Pope got pretty excited about it all (as did I)
so apparently that just leaves the mysterious lights witnessed by credible locals...

At one point Nick stated  "Looking at the geography of the Louth area, taking in the coast, it is always possible some people could be seeing secret Russian reconnaissance aircraft, perhaps even unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The Russians could have a new secret craft which they are using to probe at our defences so I think we should be looking into this, and the MOD should be involved."

Metallurgy and "Russian UAV's" aside, once again it's the media coverage and Spin these stories receive that should be of more interest to people.

If you missed any or all of this Saga here's an old post from when the story was emerging about a month ago..

The whole "Their Ours" meme  just doesn't cut it with me, some of them....sure, but Incidents like Stephenville point to something much Deeper with some UFOs.

Which reminds me, here is an interesting but totally misleading Psyop about Psyops and UFOs,  Broardcast by Discovery science....(owned by a guy with the nickname Darth vader no less !)

Update as of 15th Feb when I noticed it !
 The original video was substituted for another legit video (By Whom ???)
The video should be UFOs Discovery Science part1(Disinformation)

Any video you may see here with a different title is not placed here by me !
so...2nd attempt, I will try ytube again, and if the same thing happens we will have conformation
of shitbags at work...

Ummm, yeah...right...

I love it, first of all ufos and aliens are a psyop cover for our own clandestine technology projects and now
it's" there are no UFOS" , it's terrestrial  "high tech" aircraft..... 

Surely it can be no coincidence that Spooks rhymes with Kooks....

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