Watching the sky in the Land of the long white cloud

Watching the sky in the Land of the long white cloud

Sunday, August 3, 2008

More secret UN meetings on ufos/ETs

In my last post I stated that the alleged Feb 12 secret Un UFO/ET meeting had not been confirmed, However Dr Michael Salla now says he can confirm this.......
Here is his claim

Further Secret UN Meetings on UFOs/ExtraterrestrialLife are occuring according tocredible military whistleblowerby Michael E. Salla, Ph.D Posted: 11:35 June 5, 2008According to a credible military-diplomatic source, the UN has held four secret meetings discussing UFOs and extraterrestrial life in addition to the meeting(s) claimed to have occurred on February 12(& 13-14). Further details of the UN UFO discussions were announced in an update released by veteran UFO researcher Robert Morningstar, and Clay and Shawn Pickering on June 1 after their meeting with the anonymous military diplomatic source on May 19 ( ). Their source initially released information about secret UN discussion on UFOs and extraterrestrial life on February 12 (see: ). Source A, as he has subsequently been known, claims to have been authorized to disclose the information by a secret UFO working group comprising several U.S Navy admirals. Though the working group was not officially part of the U.S. Department of the Navy, it apparently was intent on promoting U.S. Navy interests vis-à-vis management and control of information on extraterrestrial life. The most recent UN meeting on UFOs/extraterrestrial life was claimed to have occurred on May 19. It allegedly focused on the issue of the media's ridiculing of the UFO/ET phenomenon as an impediment to disclosure.
Attempts to confirm Source A's claims have not progressed beyond arranging several meetings with UFO researchers who were able to interview him and to physically examine his credentials. Source A's credentials as a senior military officer have been confirmed by a number of researchers including Robert Morningstar and Robert VanDerClock who have concluded Source A is very credible. Indeed VanDerClock views Source A as among the top three whistleblower sources to have publicly emerged along with Lt Col. Philip Corso (former U.S. Army) & former NASA engineer Clark McClelland to disclose information about extraterrestrial life (see: ). Source A has also met and shown his credentials to another two prominent UFO researchers, neither of which has yet come forward to make public statements about Source A’s credibility. In conclusion, Source A’s claim that he is a serving military officer currently assigned as a military liaison to the U.S. State Department has been confirmed based on what has been disclosed by researchers so far.
Despite Source A’s willingness to meet with researchers and have his credentials examined to establish his credibility, there has been relatively little information released by Source A that is specific enough in nature to be confirmed by investigators who have been analyzing his disclosures. Consequently, the secret UN UFO meetings have not become an issue for the mainstream media. This suggests that while Source A is credible and his claims of secret UN UFO discussions is plausible, there has not yet been verification. While verification is still required for Source A’s initial claims, his reliability on what may have transpired at the four additional meetings disclosed to researchers on May 19 needs to be examined. This can be done by comparing his recent statements on the additional four meetings with the claims of another primary source on UN UFO meetings; examining circumstantial evidence relevant to the claims of secret UN UFO discussions; and analysis of the plausibility of Source A’s recent statements.

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